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Voice Lessons - Singing LessonsWhen considering a voice coach for your voice lessons it is important to make sure they have the voice quality you are looking for. That is why I am including a variety of my short recordings. Below I have included me singing a few different genres.

 Dome Epias mp3 (Opera) 0:54

Star Spangled Banner mp3 (Patriotic) 1:42

O Holy Night mp3 (Christmas) 1:24

Fantasy mp3 (R&B/Pop) 0:32

Revelation Song mp3 (Christian Contemporary/Worship) 1:02

When I Look At You mp3 (Inspirational) 1:14

Endless Love mp3 (Romantic) 0:46

Firework mp3 (Rock) 0:45

Give me a call for voice lessons at 941-275-7688 and let me help you increase your range, improve your support, and fine-tune your voice. Learn vocal warm ups, voice exercises and stretches, get into a voice building routine, and learn how to recognize what makes a great voice – a great voice.

I can help you prepare for a performance. Contact me to start your voice lessons and learn to sing like a star. I will teach you the techniques and exercises used by the best singers in the world today.

You have probably seen me around in my fancy little car. Give me a call at 941-275-7688 to set an appointment!

 “The way you practice is the way you will perform”

So who needs a vocal coach?

~Members of a band or group

~Members of a choir or worship group

~Songwriters that want to put a voice with their words

~Those with their eyes on an audition or talent show

Christine Rice can get you ready for the annual online auditions for The Voice,  American Idol, and X-Factor.

Every year thousands travel to auditions for The Voice, American Idol, the X Factor, musicals, and talent shows. Thousands more do online auditions for American Idol since that option became available. Those wishing to be on The Voice can audition by DVD if unable to attend their four audition locations.

Sadly most have amazing dreams, but with very little voice training to perform, and their potential is never reached. Would you like to perform your best when everyone is watching? Sure you would. Christine Rice has been trained in Vocal Performance techniques and can have you singing your best. Vocal warm ups, proper posture, breath support, knowing the proper note to sing on, gaze points, and more. Call now to discuss your goals and set up your first lesson.

Voice Lessons with Christine Rice