Important Policies

Music Lesson Policies

This is the page where you can find out more about our policies. Its important to get a clear understanding of the options and lay some ground rules to ensure a smooth musical environment.

Important Policies


(We understand that at times a lesson cancellation may become necessary. This policy provides the understanding between student and teacher and the importance and responsibility of handling lesson cancellations properly. Most of us have busy schedules and we have tried to incorporate guidelines that are fair to both the students and the instructor)

ð        Regular Lesson Time:  Please pick a regular weekly lesson time that fits best for your schedule. If you need to switch your regular lesson time please provide as much time as possible for us to accommodate your request. Please do not change your regular lesson time more than once per month. Your lesson time affects how other lessons are scheduled. Also please consider that we currently have a service area that stretches from Punta Gorda to north of Sarasota and have home lessons as well. There are different days and times for different service areas. Your lesson time effects placement of other appointments.

ð        Planned cancellations: If you need to cancel for planned events, such as vacations, school functions etc. this should be done as early as possible… and make up days should be scheduled if possible. Please provide two weeks notice if you will be going on vacation and plan to miss more than two or more lessons.

ð        Short Term Cancellations: Lesson cancellations must be given 24 hours in advance except in case of emergencies. More advance notice is always appreciated.  An emergency constitutes medical or property damage situations that must be immediately attended to. Poor planning does not constitute an emergency. Because your music lesson time is reserved especially for you, we ask for advance notice for cancellations. Without a reasonable notice the instructor loses the opportunity to schedule another student in your time slot.

ð        Policy Violation: Cancelled lessons without a 24 hour notice will be in violation of this policy and you will be responsible for payment for that lesson.

ð        How To Cancel Or Reschedule A Lesson: To cancel/reschedule a lesson, please do not email or text. You are asked to call 941-275-7688 and speak to Christine Rice to discuss a make-up lesson time. Please leave me a message if there is no answer and someone return your call. Note: Unless otherwise specified, the lessons are held once per week. If you give 24 hours notice, we will find a time to do a make-up lesson. If we cannot find a time to make up the lesson in the same week we can either do a double lesson or two lessons the following week. Minor students are not authorized to cancel/reschedule lessons. The adult student, parent, or person responsible for payment should call.

ð        Discontinuation: To discontinue music lessons please provide a one week notice so that adequate time is available to place another student in that time slot.

Payment Policies

ð        How And When To Pay For Your Lessons: Payment is expected prior to the beginning of the first lesson and again at the end of lesson for the next week(s) lesson to secure your time in the schedule. Renewal for lesson packages is done at the end of the last lesson in the purchased package. Lessons will not be scheduled/continued without payment. Currently cash, check, or money order is accepted for payment.

ð        Refunds: Please note that there are no refunds for lesson purchases.

In order for you to receive quality teaching from a full-time instructor, Bel Canto Music Lessons cannot afford to be flexible with these policies. Please ensure that you understand them and can abide by them. These policies are common for music lesson instructors/schools we feel these policies are straightforward and reasonable. Thank you for following them.