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Learn The Piano In Your Home – Piano Lessons

Considering piano lessons? So what is it that interest you about piano? For me it is about having a way to express myself and be creative.

A large portion of my students take piano lessons and later some also develop an interest in voice. Many of my students have recitals and usually around Christmas time. We invite friends and family and have a wonderful time. An event like this at home with friends and family during the holidays is a memory worth making.

The personal growth and self confidence I see in my students is amazing. Learning to play the piano opens up a whole new world and an opportunity to touch the lives of people around you. Take a look at the Stars page to see my a few of my students.

Piano lessons are available to adults and children ages 4 & up. When selecting a piano teacher you should remember that there are many piano teachers. What is important is choosing someone you can connect with and someone who makes piano lessons fun rather than a chore.

Its natural to be a bit nervous when starting something new. But nervous tension will soon be replaced with a love for music that deepens as you grow. Musical talent takes time. I understand the need to accommodate the different styles and levels of my students.

Learning piano or keyboard can be fun with in-home lessons. Learn on your own piano or keyboard. Don’t have one yet? No problem. Christine will bring her portable keyboard and a variety of materials to help get you started.

Do you have a piano solo in mind that you want to learn? Something classical? Worship maybe? How about some Christmas music?
Set up your lessons and learn to read music, learn piano scales and chords, develop sight reading skills, and memorize piano solos for a recital.
Call today to start your lessons and see its not hard, its fun!

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Learn how to play with piano lessons in your home.