Frequently Asked Questions

Get your answers here on the Bel Canto Music Lessons frequently asked questions area.Q. I see a lot of kids on your Stars page. Do you work with adults?

A. Yes, I work with plenty of adults, both men and women. You see lots of children on the Stars page because there are simply more children and parents interested in music. My young Stars are more excited about being featured on my website.

Q. What are your standard lesson rates?

A. 60 minute lessons are $45, and 90 minute lessons are $65. Please see the lesson rates page. (Note: We do not offer 30 minute lessons)

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. Yes. 60 minute lessons are already discounted by $5 and 90 minutes by $10. In addition, lesson packages of 4 lessons are also discounted by $10 for the 60 minute lesson package and $15 for 90 minute lesson package.

Q. Do you ever offer any specials?

A. Yes. Currently I am offering a free lesson special for new students. If you purchase 4 60 minute lessons for $170 your 5th lesson is Free. If you purchase 4 90 minute lessons for $245 your 5th lesson is Free. This offer is only available for new students on a weekly lesson schedule.

Q. How often are the lessons?

A. The lessons are once per week.

Q. Do you offer a free introductory lesson?

A. I do not offer free lessons unless it is offered as a special with a purchase of a package of lessons. My time and travel cost are valuable and anything of quality cost money. I do at times run specials that include a free lesson with the purchase of a package of lessons. Another way to get a free lesson as a student is to refer a new student to me. If they purchase a 4 lesson package I will offer the referring student a free lesson.

Q. I want to learn to sing and play the piano too. Can I do both?

A. For 60 minute or 90 minute lessons you have the option of learning both voice and piano. Many of my students are learning both.

Q. I can’t sing. I mean I really don’t have a voice at all. But I want to be able to sing. Am I wasting my time or do you think you can help me?

A. I hear this about every month from a new client or someone considering lessons. You are not alone in how you feel. Please remember that I make a living by taking people of all levels, including yours, and helping them develop a quality voice. It takes time and practice, but you will sing great. What ever you are planning or whatever your purpose in wanting to sing is…don’t put if off any longer.

Q. I am interested in piano lessons, but I do not have a piano yet. Do you have a keyboard?

A. If you do not have a piano or keyboard I will bring my portable keyboard to your lessons. Also I can help you in your selection of a great keyboard at a reasonable price.

Q. Do you organize piano recitals?

A. Since I do not have a music school with a location I employ a different method that I find to be more fun and motivating for my students than the traditional methods they have experienced previously. Some of my students have recitals in their homes and often during the holidays. Food, family, friends, and of course music. I can coordinate with you to put together a recital at your home or another location. We have had a recital at The Piano Guys store in Port Charlotte and look forward to doing that again in the future.

Q. I have a 3 year old that I would like lessons for. What ages do you work with?

A. I work with children ages 4 and up, as well as adults of course. If I am working with an older child at your home and you would like me to spend a few minutes with your younger child as a way to introduce them to music during the lesson time I do not have a problem doing that. It is great to introduce music to children of young ages and this will improve the receptiveness of that child for when they grow older. Unfortunately the attention span and communication skills of a very young child is rather limited and makes productive lessons unlikely. Therefore age 4 is my minimum.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Currently, I accept cash, check, and money orders. I have been considering adding the ability to pay by credit/debit cards. It has been in the plans for awhile. (Please note that payment is required prior to the beginning of the lesson)

Q. What does “Bel Canto” mean?

A. It is Italian for “beautiful singing”.

Q. You have a beautiful voice. Will you sing at my event?

A. I love to sing publicly. Call me and we will talk about it. Just a few days ago I performed the Star Spangled Banner at the Charlotte Sports park.

Q. What is your experience in piano?

A. Since I was a child I received piano lessons on and off. Later at Houston Baptist University I participated in 3 years of college level instruction. I am best matched with beginner and intermediate students. I do have students with over 5 years of previous instruction.

Q. Our church needs some help with our music program. Can you teach a choir or lead a contemporary worship team?

A. The answer is yes. I spent most of my life singing in choirs. I have also directed choirs and lead contemporary worship on a short term basis. I would welcome the opportunity to work with your church on either a short or long term basis.

Q. What languages do you sing in?

A. I can sing in Italian, French, German, Spanish, and English.

Q. Where did you get your music education?

A. Houston Baptist University.

Q. What is your education in music?

A. I spent 3 1/2 years at HBU pursuing a bachelor of music in vocal performance. I have about 1 year left of college before I will earn my degree. In 2010 I relocated to Florida and was married in Venice in 2011. I am enjoying my married life here. In the future I plan on returning to college on a part time basis to finish earning my degree at either FGCU or USF.

Q. I want to audition for ____?____. (Or I want to perform at ____?_____event.) Can you help me prepare?

A. Please be clear with me on the dates and times of your audition/event so I know what sort of a schedule we need to be on. I have plenty of experience in auditions for many different kinds of events and competitions. In addition to my own experience, I do have several students that are performance minded. So please give me a call and lets get started.

Q. I see that you come to the students home. But I would rather come to you and I see that you do have a home studio. Is that an option for me?

A. My home studio is open for lessons with adults only. So if you meet this criteria and are willing to make the trip then please feel free to call and make an appointment for lessons and come to my home studio. I have several clients that do this. My home studio is located in North Port, FL near the Sarasota County/Charlotte County border and my clients have easy access from North Port and Port Charlotte.

Q. My child has autism. Do you have any experience with this? Do you think lessons would be beneficial?

A. In addition to working with several of my students in music with autism, I am also a former substitute teacher and have worked with many children with many different disorders including autism, so I have plenty of experience. As part of my service I have taught both voice and piano to children and teenagers with varying levels of autism and they love their lessons.

If you have a question that you think will make a good addition to the Frequently Asked Questions page send us a message. And while you are at it, take advantage of the 5th lesson free special offer while it still remains.

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