Christine Sings On Country To Broadway CD

Jack Sings Country To Broadway Featuring Christine Rice

Christine Rice is featured on the CD Country To Broadway by Jack BernsteinLast year I received an unusual request. Jack had contacted me and asked me to consider singing with him on an CD he was professionally recording for personal enjoyment. I had been so focused on lessons so I thought the change of pace would be good for me. I am after all ‘a performer first’, and instructor second.

We met first to make sure we were comfortable, agreed on terms, and scheduled our first rehearsal. Jack wanted to record four songs with me on his CD titled “Country To Broadway”. Jack was very professional and the whole experience was fun. It reminded me that at some point in the near future that I need to shift gears and begin focusing on my career as a singer again.

I look forward to returning to the recording studio and we have plans of launching a YouTube channel in the coming months.

The CD includes over 20 songs. I have included the 4 songs with my participation below for your listening enjoyment. Remember this was for fun. Enjoy!

“All I Ask Of You” mp3 4:31

“Somewhere Out There” mp3 3:55

“Phantom Of The Opera” mp3 4:22

“The Prayer” mp3 4:34


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